​Advisory Committees

The Encinitas Union School District has several advisory committees which include members of the school community and district staff.  The following are current advisory committees in EUSD:

Citizens Oversight Committtee

The Citizens Oversight Committee oversees how the Proposition P (passed in 2010) bond funds are spent in the district.  The bond money will benefit all nine EUSD schools and will assist in providing 21st century classrooms and renovating facilities, providing technology tools for students and teachers, providing green energy efficiency such as solar energy and developing the district's AgroEcology Learning Center.  For more information about Proposition P and the Citizens Oversight Committee, click here.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is made up of parents, educators and community members who are involved in special education.  The CAC of the North Coast Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) provides meetings and special events throughout the year and advises the superintendents of the 14 school districts​ about special education services.  Each meeting includes information on a special education topic, resources for families and opportunities to meet with other parents to exchange resources, information and ideas.  For more information about the CAC, click here.

District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The DELAC has the responsibility to advise the school district on how to improve programs and services for English learners as well as ensuring that the district comply with federal and state requirements for English learners.  DELAC representatives are selected by each school's English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) to represent their school and their suggestions on improving and services for English learners the district level.  For more information about services for English learners, click here.

DELAC Meeting Agenda June 8, 2016

DELAC Meeting Minutes June 8, 2016

DELAC Meeting Minutes June 11, 2015

DELAC Meeting Minutes June 12, 2014

Green Team

The Green Team is comprised of parents, staff and community members and is responsible for the implementation of green initiatives throughout the school district.  EUSD has also contracted with Healthy Day Partners to provide oversight, research and planning for insuring a greener, earth-friendly district.  For more information about the district's Green Initiatives, click here.

PTA Presidents

Each district school has active PTA participation and memberships.  Each district school's PTA is led by a PTA President who oversees the parent eduction and volunteer programs at that particular site.  EUSD district Superintendent, Dr. Tim Baird meets on a regular basis with all district PTAs throughout the school year.  For more information about the district's PTA school units, click here.

School Site Council (SSC) Chairpersons

Each district school has an active School Site Council (SSC) which is comprised of an equal representation of elected school staff members and parents.  The SSC Chairperson helps to organize, convene and lead meetings of the SSC.  For more information about School Site Council, click here.

Sports Council

The Sports Council and EUSD work collaboratively with representatives of  local youth sports orgranizations to provide safe and well-maintained sports fields for youth soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse.  The Sports Council meets semi-annually to set up  field use schedules and review field maintenance for participating youth sports organizations.

Wellness Committee

The EUSD Wellness Committee is comprised of members from all areas of the district community - parents, staff and community members.  The Wellness Committee meets monthly to discuss prominent wellness issues in EUSD and the supports the engagement of student health and wellness.  For more information about the Wellness Committee, please contact Leslie Wright, EUSD Health and Wellness Program Manager.

For more informaton about the district's Advisory Committees, please contact 760.944.4300.