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 Encinitas Union School District students have a new educational resource emerging at EUSD Farm Lab.  Fitting in with the district's Green Initiatives and Health and Wellness Program, the ten acre farm and interactive learning center provide educational retreats for students.  Educational activities will focus on learning about nutrition and the environment through game-based lessons.  Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math and Science (DREAMS) will be integrated into the educational opportunities taking place on a fully functioning organic farm.  Learning activities will also connect with the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the district's One-to-One Digital Learning Program.

EUSD Farm Lab is located at 441 Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas across the street from the San Diego Botanical Garden, Leichtag Ranch and the San Dieguito Heritage Museum.  Approximately five acres of land is being cultivated to provide fresh produce for the district's school lunch program at all nine EUSD schools.

The core intent of Farm Lab is to provide students with educational experiences that demonstrate the interconnectedness of nutrition, agriculture and ecology.  Through hands-on lessons in the field and in food, science and maker labs, students will develop a rich understanding of the connection between our actions and our health, economy and environment.  Key partnerships and community engagement will further enrich the program.

Farm Lab curriculum is designed to cultivate a deep appreciation for natural resources and to equip our students with the tools they require for making healthy choices.

For questions about Farm Lab, please contact, Mim Michelove, Director of Farm Lab, at mim.michelove@eusd.net.  Click here to visit the Farm Lab web site.

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