Health and Wellness Program

leslie.wright02.jpgThe Encinitas Union School District's program goals for Health and Wellness center on improving student health and wellness and providing students with techniques, habits and training for life-long health and wellness.  The focus areas will be implemented through activities ON the MatTHROUGH my ActionsOUT in the Garden and IN the Kitchen.  The following are videos and sample lesson plans that provide an overview of the district's Health and Wellness program:

Leslie Wright
EUSD Health & Wellness Program Manager
EUSD Health and Wellness Overview
El Camino Creek Health and Wellness Overview
ecc health wellness video02.jpg 
Wellness at Ocean Knoll

For questions about the Health and Wellness program, please contact
Leslie Wright, EUSD Health & Wellness Program Coordinator.

 Health and Wellness Documents

2016-17 Enrichment Teacher Proposal (June 7 2016).pdf
2016-17 Info Regarding the Proposed Enrichment Teacher Program (June 19 2016).pdf
ALTRUISM 4th-6th.pdf
APPRECIATION 2nd-3rd.pdf
Benefits of Yoga - Literature Review (6-9-16).pdf
Effect of Yoga vs Walking on GABA levels (2010).pdf
EUSD Student Wellness Board Policy.pdf
Health and Wellness FAQs.pdf
Healthy Kids Survey 2013-14.pdf
Letter of Support Dr Wood El Camino Pediatrics.pdf
Mental Health benefits of yoga in secondary school (2012).pdf
PE Dress Code (English).pdf
PE Dress Code (Spanish).pdf
Yoga for children (2005).pdf
Yoga in Public Schools Article.pdf
Yoga vs physical exercise on multiple measures in children (2013).pdf